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Central Monitoring Unit / War Room

Central Monitoring Unit

Telemetry Unit


War Room

What ever you call the Central Monitoring of your patient ECG's, we will help you design a unit that will meet your needs! We design beyond what the manufacturers can deliver and do so on a regular basis.

  • Do you need help designing the Space?
  • Is the location big enough for the equipment and Telemetry Technicians?
  • Do you have enough Power and Ventilation?
  • Would you like a solution in which the Central Stations are located in a rack in another room?
  • Will there be slave monitors or Mirrored Centrals involved?
  • Is neck strain an issue with your current solution?
  • Is ergonomic workstations a requirement of your HR due to Workman's comp claims?
  • Would you like serviceability built into the design?
  • Would you like Telemetry Technicians to be able to pull up any central in case of multiple events on one Telemetry Technician's station?
  • Are you being told that you have to upgrade to get features like these?
  • Are you purchasing the right equipment and the correct licenses for the job?


There are many questions that need to be answered before undertaking a Central Unit, call us to help.

Let us show you what can be done to make your Telemetry unit a true monitoring unit, rather than a bunch of computers a room.

Call us at Toll free at (877) 643-6134 x701

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